New Workshop Listings for March

February was a very busy Month and I’m looking forward to more fun in March.

Just a reminder, if you see a workshop you’d like to take, email me at and we can set a day.

March 25, 2017
10am – 4pm
Tools and clay provided
You bring a found object or two

This will be such fun. Turning that broken corkscrew into a silly person or dad’s old rusty pliers into a old guy with whiskers.  I’ll show you some easy sculpting tricks then you can use oils or alcohol inks to color your character.

Beginner’s Cane Workshops
Friday March 10,
Sat. March 18,  2017
9pm – 4:00pm
you provide the clay
$90 clay provided

Beginners workshop - Alice Stroppel

In this class you will learn caning basics. Skinner Blends, plugs, canes and how to slice cane for application.

You’ll leave the workshop with at least one finished piece.

Not sure what a “cane” is? Watch this short video explaining the process.

Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here
Build Your Cane Inventory
Prep homework required
March 11, 2017
March 16, 2017
10am – 4:00pm
you provide the clay
(available at Studio 215)

cane inventory workshop - Alice Stroppel

Have you put off learning to cane because you believe it’s too hard, complicated, time consuming, precise, uses too much clay _______ fill in the blank? You not alone, but I can help.

If you like my style of work, I want to assure you that my canes are easy, fun and not at all precise. I don’t make large canes and I use every little bit of clay to make some interesting accent canes to use in all sorts of projects.

I firmly believe that you will be delighted at how much more creative and productive you’ll become if you have your cane inventory waiting for you when an idea hits. If you have to stop and make each component cane before you can begin, most times you won’t even start.

This class is for all levels of expertise, the only requirement is that you know how to make a Skinner blend and that you come to class with your Skinner blends and plugs already made. I’ll provide you with the instructions ahead of time.

By taking this workshop before any of my others you have plenty of canes ready to complete the projects we will be making.