At Studio 215 – Workshops with Alice Stroppel

Workshops are listed at the bottom of this page.

Studio 215 is the place to come to learn about polymer clay, add to your knowledge base and just hang out and play with clay.

We provide the equipment and tools, you provide the clay. Sometimes we even include it too, it just depends on the workshop.

We also provide studio time at $5 per hour and will cure your items for $5 a cure. Studio time is available during posted hours and when there is no workshop in session.

Recently added – Thursday evening Studio time  from 4:00pm until 9:00pm. room for 8. $15.00 for the evening.

Most classes are taught by Alice Stroppel, but often we will have other well known instructors visiting from around the country and zfrom other parts of the world.

Click here to see what workshops are coming up with some friends of mine.

I am happy to teach up to 8 people or parties of 4 or more, just give me a call and I’ll set something up.  If you would like to come at  time other than what is listed below, please contact me by leaving a message below.

If you see a workshop you would like to take and don’t see a date that works, leave me a comment below and we’ll find just the right date for you.

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I use Premo and have clay available for my students to purchase for workshops. Or you can find it locally at Michaels or online.

Supply lists will be sent when deposit is received.

Available Workshops by Alice Stroppel

Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Turning Found Objects into Characters

10am – 4pm
Tools and clay provided
You bring a found object or two

This will be such fun. Turning that broken corkscrew into a silly person or dad’s old rusty pliers into a old guy with whiskers.  I’ll show you some easy sculpting tricks then you can use oils or alcohol inks to color your character.



Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Weed Pots

10:00am – 4:30pm
Bring your canes if you have them

weed pot birds, alice stroppel

Beginner’s Cane Workshop

Dec. 9, 2017

Nov. 18, 2017
9pm – 4:00pm
$90 clay provided

In this class you will learn caning basics. Skinner Blends, plugs, canes and how to slice cane for application.

You’ll leave the workshop with at least one finished piece.

Not sure what a “cane” is? Watch this short video explaining the process.


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Build Your Cane Inventory
Prep homework required

10am – 4:00pm
you provide the clay
(available at Studio 215)

cane inventory workshop - Alice Stroppel

Have you put off learning to cane because you believe it’s too hard, complicated, time consuming, precise, uses too much clay _______ fill in the blank? You not alone, but I can help.

If you like my style of work, I want to assure you that my canes are easy, fun and not at all precise. I don’t make large canes and I use every little bit of clay to make some interesting accent canes to use in all sorts of projects.

I firmly believe that you will be delighted at how much more creative and productive you’ll become if you have your cane inventory waiting for you when an idea hits. If you have to stop and make each component cane before you can begin, most times you won’t even start.

This class is for all levels of expertise, the only requirement is that you know how to make a Skinner blend and that you come to class with your Skinner blends and plugs already made. I’ll provide you with the instructions ahead of time.

By taking this workshop before any of my others you have plenty of canes ready to complete the projects we will be making.

Not sure what a “cane” is? Watch this short video explaining the process.


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Charming Canes 
Two day workshop


Clay provided
10am – 4pm
Featuring my unconventional caning and extruder techniques.

Alice Stroppel Charming Canes

three charms -Alice Stroppel

Or a one day workshop, you provide the clay


This is an intermediate class and prep work is required


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Pen & Ink On Polymer Clay
full day

10:00am – 4:00
supply kit available for bracelet and Pens – $12


pen and ink on polymer clay - Alice Stroppel

“But Alice, I can’t draw at all”. I’ve heard this so many times and I’ll tell you the truth, you don’t have to be able to draw a masterpiece to create something fun and colorful and ready to wear in a day.  I’ve developed a few simple steps that will have you producing you own fun and funky characters or just brightly colored graphics in no time.

For those of you who already express yourself with pen or brush, this is the perfect way to display your artwork on little masterpieces of wearable art.

Not only will I walk you through all the steps in this workshop, you’ll go home with at least one finish item and the enthusiasm to make more.

This is a beginner class, experience with polymer clay would be a plus but not a requirement.

I’ll show you exactly how I cover my bracelet blanks, draw the designs, add color and finish with a protective coating.

Supply list will be sent when deposit is received.


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

The Dots Have it

everything included

Thursday  Dec. 1.  2016
10am – 4pm
$90 everything included

Dots have it

In this easy for beginners workshop you’ll learn how to make a couple of simple “cane” and my favorite dot -dot-dot cane. We’ll cover a bracelet and make a pendant.

Not sure what a “cane” is? Watch this short video explaining the process.


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Dec. 15th, 2017
10am – 2pm
Retro Pendant and Ring
everything included
$60 – everything included

Retro Workshop - Alice Stroppel

The perfect class for beginners. great fun for groups of 4 or more. You’ll learn how to make this extruded cane and go home with a pendant and a ring.  If time permits, maybe a pair of earrings.

An extuder makes constructing a cane easy, come on and see how.

Not sure what a “cane” is? Watch this short video explaining the process.


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Bas Relief
10:00 – 4:00
everything provided

Alice Stroppel Bas Relief

These 3 dimension pieces are made all in one with occasional pieces added when necessary. We’ll be covering scrap clay or Original Sculpey White with white Premo and sculpting our faces from there.

Easy, fun and will push your imagination


Download application blanks for Alice’s workshops here

Black and White Bracelet
Dec 22, 2017

10:00 – 4:00
everything included

Alice Stroppel black and white bracelet

In this workshop, beginner and long time clayers will make a few basic black and white canes and we’ll cover a brass bracelet to wear out the door. If we have time, we’ll make a pendant as well.

Not sure what a “cane” is? Watch this short video explaining the process.


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Silk Screen Pendant
Ask if interested
everything included

silk screen

This is an easy project for beginner and experience clayers. We will be using Sculpey Souffle clay and some cool forms and silkscreens to create these fun pendants.


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Polymer Painting

10am – 4pm
everything included (clay and frame)

Alice Stroppel Polymer Painting


Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Profile Face Cane
10am – 4pm
Clay  included


Making face canes with polymer clay may seem challenging, but I’ll make it easy. I’ve developed a simple technique that will have you producing you own fun and funky characters to use on bracelets, card holders, picture frame or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Not only will I walk you through all the steps in this workshop, you’ll go home with a link to download 7 pages of detailed step by step instructions with drawings, photos and patterns. Plus……the link to a bonus 40 minute video showing exactly how to do each step. So you’ll never have to take a note or try to remember how to do something you learned in class.

You’ll learn how to shape the face slices and change the expression on each face. I’ll show you how I cover a bracelet blank and you’ll spend some time learning hair canes.

This is an intermediate class and you should know how to create a skinner blend.



Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Cane Mapping

10am – 3pm
fame included

Alice Stroppel Cane Mapping

If you love mosaics and polymer clay, if you love the look of complex canes but simply don’t want to create a giant complex cane, if you love one of a kind pieces, and if you have tons of left over canes, this is the class for you!

This is an intermediate class and having some skinner blended canes in your stash will make your designs pop.

You’ll learn the basics by mapping a fish portrait like the one pictured above (or bring your own design) . Plus I’ll demo my Stroppel canes and we’ll have fun incorporating some slices into our designs.

I use several older canes but make many new canes as needed for each piece. So be sure to bring some of your older canes and supplies to make new ones.

I always use Skinner blends in my canes. In my opinion, it’s what makes a piece pop. I’ll be asking you to do a bit of homework ahead of time so we won’t be spending time in class making skinner blends. If you’ve taken my cane class, then you’ll be ready for this workshop or the one below.  Homework video will be sent when deposit is received.


Download furniture workshop application here

Cane Mapping Furniture
3   days
Friday – Sunday
Limited to 6 students
$100 deposit required


Learn how to cane map on a large scale. We’ll be covering a small table (you provide) with colorful polymer canes.

Tables should not be larger than 20” in any direction. You should have your table completely ready to accept your artwork. Sanded, painted etc. If you are painting it yourself, don’t paint the surface where your artwork will be attached.

Bring your favorite canes and create your person piece of art-furniture. You’ll be supplying your own clay.

Once you learn how to cane map for furniture, you’ll be able to apply that knowledge to large wall pieces and other items.

Day one – plan your design,  make skinner blends and canes.
Day two – begin mapping your design.
Day three – Continue with your design and do final prep to  your table. Apply finished art to your table.


This is a little cart saved by my sister Sheryl. Her neighbor was throwing it out. A bit of paint and some polymer and it’s taken on a new life.


This table is special to me, it was our first telephone table in our first apartment. I won’t be teaching faces canes in this workshop, but you could bring your own.


Here’s another thrift store find. But there is no reason why you can’t start with a new table.

Download furniture workshop application here


Santa Ornaments

Santa Workshop
Santa - Alice Stroppel - Maureen Carlson



Nov. 11, 2017

10am – 4:30pm

                                                      Everything included
Make one or two

Come make your own Santa Ornaments using the easy molds from Maureen Carlson. You’ll love how they turn out. I’ll have everything you need, just bring your lunch and your smile.

Gallery/Studio – Polymer Clay, Watercolor