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Bad News – Good News -Doreen Kassel

This is workshop is now FULL!

Return the application without deposit to be placed on the waiting list


Bad news for those who wanted to attend Doreen’s workshops, ABSTRACT BLOOM AND BUDS and JIGGLY JOINTED DOLLS both filled up within days of my posting them.

Good news for those who would like to take attend a workshop with Doreen,  she has agreed to teach the third workshop, PODS on Friday Feb.  the 10, 2017. Now that’s exciting.

Follow the link below to  find out more and to download the application because this class is already filling up before I can post it. I would be a good idea to leave me a comment here if you are planning on sending in  an application.  It might fill up before I receive your deposit check. That way I’ll hold a spot for you.

Doreen Kassel’s PODS workshop

Doreen Kassel in Feb. 2017

Only one space left in each Workshop. But good news for those who are just tuning in. Put your name on the waiting list and there could be another workshop available.

 Doreen Kassel is coming to Studio 215 in Feb. 2017.


Download application here

Feb. 11, 2017
9am – 4pm


 Fill your vases with the most colorful and uncommon blooms and buds! Using long wire stems we’ll translate and abstract actual flower shapes into beautiful sculpture full of intricacies and surprises. Flower patterns are full of possibilities for the most scrumptious blooms and buds. We’ll paint them with the color palette you choose, from bright and bold to pastel and soft. Make as many as you can in the class and fill your vases with beautiful Abstract Blooms and Buds.
Feb. 12, 2017
9am – 4pm
In this class we’ll create characters with jointed arms and legs. Make whimsical creatures, combining species, if you wish! Adding a simple wire technique these dolls can sit, swing from a string or hang on a wall. After they’re cured we’ll apply a unique oil paint layering technique to bring these little swingers to life.


I’m excited about this workshop. Recently my husband and my son Jason found a great regular kitchen stove for Studio 215 and I’ll be able to have workshops featuring larger projects.

I hope you can join me for this inaugural furniture workshop. I am keeping the class size small so we have plenty of room to spread out and I can spend more time with each of you.

Download furniture workshop application here

Cane Mapping Furniture
3  1/2 days
Thursday – Sunday
June 23 – 26, 2016
Limited to 6 students
$100 deposit required


Learn how to cane map on a large scale. We’ll be covering a small table (you provide) with a colorful polymer veneer.

Tables should not be larger than 20” in any direction. You should have your table completely ready to accept your artwork. Sanded, painted etc. If you are painting it yourself, don’t paint the surface where your artwork will be attached.

Bring your favorite canes and create your person piece of art-furniture.

Once you learn how to cane map for furniture, you’ll be able to apply that knowledge to large wall pieces and other items.

Day one – plan your design,  make skinner blends and canes.
Day two – begin mapping your design.
Day three – Continue with your design and do final prep to  your table.
Last day – Apply finished art to your table.


This is a little cart saved by my sister Sheryl. Her neighbor was throwing in out. A bit of paint and some polymer and it’s taken on a new life.


This table is special to me, it was our first telephone table in our first apartment. I won’t be teaching faces canes in this workshop, but you could bring your own.


Here’s another thrift store find. But there is no reason why you can’t start with a new table.

Download furniture workshop application here

Change of Dates – Weed Pots

The date for Weed Pots have changed.
The workshop will not be held on May 21st as planned but will be taking place on June 4th instead. Hope to see you here.

Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Weed Pots
Saturday June 4th

10:00am – 4:30pm
Bring your canes or if you don’t have canes
You can use mine for $15 more

weed pot birds, alice stroppel

Bracelets, canes and weed pots, oh my!!!

I just listed a few new workshops for May and the beginning of June.

beginner pendant

I’ll be teaching beginning canes on May 7 and  again on the 28th.

Alice Stroppel black and white bracelet

Black and white cuff bracelet on  May 14.


A fun new workshop on weed pots on May 21. I’m working on other characters to add to the birds, but of course you can make design your own too.

cane-inventory alice stroppel

And a great all day workshop of building your cane inventory on June 2.

Beginner’s Cane Workshop – Sat. May 7, 2016

Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here
Beginner’s Cane Workshop
Saturday May 7, 2016
and again on May 28, 2016
9pm – 4:00pm
you provide the clay
$90 clay provided

Beginners workshop - Alice Stroppel

In this class you will learn caning basics. Skinner Blends, plugs, canes and how to slice cane for application.

You’ll leave the workshop with at least one finished piece.

beginner pendant

Building Your Cane Inventory

cane-inventory alice stroppel

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve booked a Building Your Cane Inventory workshop for this coming Friday, Feb. 19, 2016 from 10am – 4pm.

I know it’s short notice but I have a couple of people that missed the last one. Let me know right away if you’d like to attend.

Beginners workshop - Alice Stroppel
Pen and Ink on Polymer will be held on Sat. March 5th 9am – 4pm
pen and ink on polymer clay - Alice Stroppelleave me a message if you are interested in any of these workshops.

Workshops Coming Soon!

I’m teaching two workshops coming up soon, one is this Saturday and the next is the following Saturday.

Then in Feb. I’m very excited to be hosting Marie Segal on Feb 12, 13, & 14. 

Marie Segal’s Trunk Show and Sale will be at Studio 215 in downtown Sebring, FL on Friday Feb. 12, 2016 from 7pm – 9pm. She will also be demonstrating polymer clay. This event is free.
On the same evening Studio 215 is also participate in the Art of Chocolate and Wine event.
You will sample chocolate and wine pairings straight from the New York State Finger Lakes Award winning Wineries during this event. Each participating business will feature a different wine pairing, artists, music and more. The $20 ticket price includes your samplings, a collectable wine glass and more! Tickets are limited for this first event in the Sebring After Dark series, get yours today!
Marie’s earring workshop is full, but by request we could accommodate one more student. Her Iconic Fabrication Workshop still has room. Scroll down for more information.

This Saturday is the beginner workshop and It’s a small group, making it the perfect opportunity to receive lots of person instruction. 

The next workshop is my cane mapping technique. This is the perfect next step for the caner who want to create a unique one of a kind picture, table top, or pendent using the canes that are in your stash. 

Beginner’s Cane Workshop
Jan. 30th
9pm – 4:00pm
you provide the clay
$90 clay provided

Beginners workshop - Alice Stroppel

In this class you will learn caning basics. Skinner Blends, plugs, canes and how to slice cane for application.

You’ll leave the workshop with at least one finished piece.

beginner pendant

Download application blank for Alice’s workshops here

Cane Mapping
Sat. Dec 19, 2015
Sat. Feb. 6, 2016
10am – 3pm
fame included

Alice Stroppel Cane Mapping

If you love mosaics and polymer clay, if you love the look of complex canes but simply don’t want to create a giant complex cane, if you love one of a kind pieces, and if you have tons of left over canes, this is the class for you!

This is an intermediate class and having some skinner blended canes in your stash will make your designs pop.

You’ll learn the basics by mapping a fish portrait like the one pictured above (or bring your own design) . Plus I’ll demo my Stroppel canes and we’ll have fun incorporating some slices into our designs.

I use several older canes but make many new canes as needed for each piece. So be sure to bring some of your older canes and supplies to make new ones.

I always use Skinner blends in my canes. In my opinion, it’s what makes a piece pop. I’ll be asking you to do a bit of homework ahead of time so we won’t be spending time in class making skinner blends. If you’ve taken my cane class, then you’ll be ready for this workshop or the one below.  Homework video will be sent when deposit is received.

Marie Segal - Alice Stroppel's Studio 215

Guess whose coming to Sebring, FL
Marie Segal
She’ll be at Studio 215 for two full day  classes. 

Her first workshop will be 

Disk Earrings, new design, new innovation
Feb. 13th  2016
9am – 4pm

Download application here


Marie Segal earring1 Marie Segal earring 2

You will complete several different techniques, foils, translucent cane, sutton slice, foiled clay, dome making wire construction and design.

This earring class is a technique laden class: and the earring completion and unique wiring for the wires  is something you won’t want to miss.

Supply list will be sent to you when you sign up.


Iconic Fabrication

Feb. 14th  2016
9am – 4pm

Download application here

hearts - Marie SegalMarie SegalMarie Segal Iconic

vessel - Marie Segal

Classic interpretation of modern pieces and mediums on
art today.   You’ll learn a  collection of ways to make old style or iconic fabrication with a modern twist.

Marie has this to say about Her Iconic Fabrication Workshop.

“Iconic Fabrication is my heart!

I have always loved ancient design and fabrication but this class has a modern twist to it.

Construction, surface treatments, and modern materials stand the test of time. Designs were meant to stand for ever years ago and most pieces of art had meaning or were to document an event, loss, or love!

I love the reverence of our past history and like to celebrate that in my own time today!

We will make a vessel or a switch plate for your house.”

Thank you all for being a part of Studio 215.