Charming Canes, Lone Star and Sandy Camp Retreats

Canes for Charming Cane workshop Alice Stroppel

My inaugural Charming Canes workshop is next weekend and I wanted these charms to be colorful yet a tad softer than my usual pallet. So I decided to provide the clay and the color recipes with the workshop.

I spent almost everyday this last week figuring out the recipes and making more cane samples. I think I’m ready with that part. *g* But I still want to make more finished samples.

Can you tell I’m having a blast?

I have an ulterior motive for making so many, I will be teaching  at the Houston Guild’s Lone Star Retreat in Sept. and the San Diego Guild’s Sandy Camp Master Class in Oct. and I want to have lots of goodies to take with me.

I’ll be teaching my Caning Mapping technique at both retreats, I’m really looking forward them. How lucky am I?

I’ve always said that pc was addictive and it’s certainly true with these “charming” canes. Not only I’m I going to have fun making new things, but just think of the cool scraps and left over bits and how many different ways I can use them.

Many things to do and never a dull moment.