Next Beginner’s Cane Workshop Jan. 9, 2016

Beginners workshop - Alice Stroppel

Is this the first time you have even heard of Polymer Clay? Let me introduce you!

Have you put off learning to cane because you believe it’s too hard, complicated, time consuming, precise, uses too much clay _______ fill in the blank? You not alone, but I can help.

If you like my style of work, I want to assure you that my canes are easy, fun and not at all precise. I don’t make large canes and I use every little bit of clay to make some interesting accent canes to use in all sorts of projects.

In this class you will learn caning basics. Skinner Blends, plugs, canes and how to slice canes for application.

You’ll leave the workshop with at least one finished piece. Bring a small glass container to apply your canes to if you don’t want to make jewelry.