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Charming Canes, Lone Star and Sandy Camp Retreats

Canes for Charming Cane workshop Alice Stroppel

My inaugural Charming Canes workshop is next weekend and I wanted these charms to be colorful yet a tad softer than my usual pallet. So I decided to provide the clay and the color recipes with the workshop.

I spent almost everyday this last week figuring out the recipes and making more cane samples. I think I’m ready with that part. *g* But I still want to make more finished samples.

Can you tell I’m having a blast?

I have an ulterior motive for making so many, I will be teaching  at the Houston Guild’s Lone Star Retreat in Sept. and the San Diego Guild’s Sandy Camp Master Class in Oct. and I want to have lots of goodies to take with me.

I’ll be teaching my Caning Mapping technique at both retreats, I’m really looking forward them. How lucky am I?

I’ve always said that pc was addictive and it’s certainly true with these “charming” canes. Not only I’m I going to have fun making new things, but just think of the cool scraps and left over bits and how many different ways I can use them.

Many things to do and never a dull moment.

A Charm Bracelet From Those Charming Canes

Charm bracelet view 1 - Alice Stroppel

I’ve used my Charm canes to make a bracelet as a sample for my new Charming cane Workshop. Charm bracelet view 2 - Alice Stroppel

Here are three views of the same bracelet. As always the possibilities are endless.

Charm bracelet view 3 - Alice Stroppel

Charming Canes 
A two day workshop
July 18th and 19th 2015
Featuring my unconventional caning
and extruder techniques. Saturday 9am – 4pm
Sunday 9am – 3pm
Everything included

Alice Stroppel Charming Canes

three charms -Alice Stroppel

New! Charming Cane Workshop

Alice Stroppel Charming Canes

It’s been a busy couple of weeks  for me. Randee Ketzel was here for to teach a fabulous two day workshop, thank you, Randee. (See the last post)

Tuesday, I held my book club meeting here and reviewed many of the  polymer clay books and publications. I gave a brief history of polymer clay and shared with them my journey with clay. They all knew I was a polymer clay enthusiast, but had not ever really seen all  my work or really know much about polymer. It was a fun afternoon, I was happy to introduce them all to this exciting medium.

I’ve been working on new canes for a workshop I’ve been thinking about for awhile. These canes are intended to become charms to wear around your neck or on your wrist as a bracelet.

 three charms -Alice Stroppel

I was fortunate to have them featured on Polymer Clay Daily a couple of weeks ago. It’s good to know they were liked by so many people.

I’ve been enjoying these new canes because they involve extruded canes used in a slightly unconventional way. If you know me or my work at all, you know I am always just a bit different most of the time. It’s what makes this fun.

I’ve scheduled  my first charm workshop for the 18th and 19th of July. From 9am to 4pm on Saturday and 9am to 3pm on Sunday.

Studio 21 supplies all your equipment, tools and supplies and for this workshop. If you have an extruder, please bring that with you.

I’ll provide the clay unless you would like to bring your own colors. We will not be making all of the canes pictured above, this is a technique class and you’ll be adding you’re own voice to the finished charms.

Down load this application form for you and your friends! *g*

Another exciting anouncement… I’ve been asked to stay open one night a week for open studio time. We begin tonight! I’ll be here for normal hours, 11:00am until 3:00pm and then I’ll remain open until 8:00pm every Thursday.

Fee is $5 an hour and $5 to bake your items. Your choice how long you stay,

I’ll be here to answer questions and help if I can, but this is not a “class”, it’s a time to get together, work on a project, try or refine a new technique. A great excuse to have fun with a group of like minded people.

Space is limited to 8 people.

See you sometime I hope.