syndee holt’s Visit to Studio 215

syndee holt stopped by Sebring and Studio 215 on her way to Orlando Clay Fandango. I was lucky to have her visiting and teaching for a few days.

syndee holt workshop

She introduce Mokume Gane to “new to polymer” students in an evening workshop. I was delighted to hear the exclamations of delight that came for those students. All had taken a beginners class with me and they all want more. I think I’ve started something, at least that’s my goal here at Studio 215.

syndee represents Sculpey products and is the author of New Color Tuesday posted on Sculpey’s blog.   

syndee was wonderful about explaining how to use many of the Sculpey tools that I have available for use at Studio 215. We didn’t have time for them to try everything, but they will know they’re here to use.

I provide the pasta machines and tools for those students who are brand new to polymer so they can try everything out before buying . My first step was to make sure I had pasta machines, tiles and plenty of the Sculpey Tools for everyone to try.

Everyone went home with beautiful creations. I neglected to get photos of the finished pieces, but they were happy for sure.

syndee was here just in time to witness what I’m now referring to at the year of the gator roundup, We had three gators removed from our lake in three days and there is still at least one more to go. that is very unusual for our little lake.

Maybe not a bucket list item for syndee but an experience for sure.

syndee gators gators gators2


We visited Bok tower in Lake Wales and the Highlands Hammock State park here in Sebring. Syndee went back by herself to walk the catwalk through the swamp today on her way to Fandango because it was crazy raining when we went on Tuesday and we couldn’t walk it.

Maybe not up there on the unusual scale with alligators, but she tells me that rain is an event as well for this southern California girl.  She posted some fabulous pictures of her catwalk here on her Facebook page.

Thank you for a wonderful few days syndee and I’ll see you again soon.



Studio 215 and the Tourist, Orville

Sandra Hickey, Christine Duggan, Anne Marie Gaulton, from Newfoundland, Canada
Sandra Hickey, Christine Duggan, Anne Marie Gaulton, from Newfoundland, Canada

Today these fine ladies (and one gentleman who declined to be in the photo) from Newfoundland, Canada stopped in Studio 215. They had their picture made with my tourist because Sandra said he looks like her husband, Orville.

I’ve never called my man anything other than “the Tourist” but now I think he’s found a name. Orville sound just right for him.

This is not the first time Sandra has been here and I hope it won’t be the last, what a fun group of people and you know how much I love fun people. See you next year I hope, Orville will be waiting.

I’m just sorry I didn’t think to take a picture of my friend and classmate Libby Kahn and her Mother Ann Copley when they were in this morning. I was too busy being happy to see them and showing them the studio. thanks for taking the time while you were home to come see me Libby and Ann



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